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Think Outside the Box for Real
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Think Outside the Box for Real

A lot of very successful people emphasize the importance of thinking outside the box for success in career and life. However, it is easier said than done, because they don’t really explain how you can be creative.

The good news is, being creative does not require rocket science! With the correct thinking system, being creative can be as natural as breathing.

This book reveals the Systematic Creative Thinking (SCT) method. After some training, you will be able to subconsciously integrate creativity as part of your life. You will learn how to come up with great ideas, refine them, and execute them to achieve your desired outcome. 

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Branding Yourself Program

A lot of good ideas fail to bear fruit, because you cannot get your point across the right person. Without enough well known achievement under your belt, you may fall under the radar. Having your own book will immediately increase your visibility and credibility. Once you have written a book, your book become your visiting card and your words carry more weight! It will open your way for more success possibility, as you are then a person with authority to the public.

Meet my partner Raymond Aaron, a bestselling author and the creator of the 10-10-10 technique. With his technique, you can have your own book in just a matter of weeks! He will help you all along the way, from getting a good title to publishing your book! You can do it, even if you have never written a book before, or if English is not your first language. Be sure to grab this opportunity, while you can!

What others have to say...

“Creativity is the source of success. Deryl’s technique to be creative is simple and can be learned by anyone. In this respect, I welcome Deryl’s book, which brings people closer to success!”

– Heiko Windfelder, Publishing Director Toys at Kosmos, Stuttgart, Germany

“As a Fine Arts student, I was encouraged to read “Thinking Outside the Box for Real.” It offered common sense and unique solutions, for life’s everyday journeys. The logical approach to daily dilemmas was refreshing and enlightening. It is a must read for young people searching for meaning and guidance in a fast-paced world. Deryl has a talent for isolating and explaining analytical approaches to challenges, that made me not want to put the book down.”

– Franziska Fleissner, Student, Sarasota, Florida, USA